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“Continuation Professional Development (CPD) Activities"

Acquiring CPD Credit Points is a mandatory requirement of Pakistan Engineering Council for Registered and Professional Engineers

IEP KHI Centre is a licensed Professional Engineering Body of PEC authorised to conduct the said training and award requisite Credit Points.

We are pleased to announce commencement of CPD Activities w.e.f. 21 Jun 2014.

For more details, please send an e mail to cpd@iepkarachi.org.pk


"6th International Electrical Engineering Conference
 on 8th April, 2021   

"Webinar on "Engineering Project Management"
 on Saturday the 11th December   

"Webinar on "Pakistan Power Sector and International Experiences"
 Saturday the 4th December, 2021   

"11th International Civil Engineering Conference
 1st April, 2021   

"Half Day Seminar on Communication Excellence Through NLP
 Saturday the 7th March, 2020   

"Webinar on "Covid-19 Modelling in Sindh: Relationship Between Epidemic Spread and Control Measures
 Saturday the 5th September, 2020    

"5th International Electrical Engineering Conference (IEEC-2020)
 on 21 & 22 February 2020 at Karachi    

"Multidisciplinary Seminar
 on Saturday the 28th December, 2019 at Karachi    

"9th National Seminar on Occupational Health, Safety & Environment
 On Friday 29 th & Saturday 30th November, 2019 at Karachi    

"Workshop on Introduction to Economic & Financial Evaluation of Engineering Projects
 Saturday the 12th October, 2019    

"Seminar On Construction Management
 Saturday the 31st August, 2019    

"The Institution of Engineers Pakistan
 Saturday the 29th June, 2019    

"The International World Safety Day
 World Safety Day on 27th April 2019    

"International Women Day – 2019 -- “Balance for Better”
 Saturday the 30th March, 2019 at IEP Convention Center   

"9th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC-2019)”
 15th & 16th March, 2019 at Karachi   

"Workshop on “Sustainable Recycling of Waste Material”
 Saturday the 9th March, 2019   

"10th International Civil Engineering Conference"
 on 23 & 24 February, 2019   

Seminar On
"Seminar on Building The Nation’s Future – The Engineers’ Way
 Saturday the 9th February, 2019   

"4th International Electrical Engineering Conference”
 25th & 26th January, 2019   

Seminar On
"Practical Design of Post-Tensioned Buildings
 on 29th December, 2018   

Seminar On
"How to Achieve Excellence in Life
 on Saturday the 22nd September, 2018   

"Engineers Day
 on Sunday 6th May, 2018    

Seminar On
"Paradigm Shift from Job to Business
 on Saturday the 28th April, 2018   

Seminar On
"International Women’s Day 2018: Press for Progress Seminar on Phenomenal Stress and Management Systems Awareness Session
 Press for Progress on Saturday the 10th March, 2018   

Seminar On
"Pakistan Oil Refining Challenges & Strategies for Staying Competitive”
 Thursday the 15th February, 2018  

"3rd International Electrical Engineering Conference”
 9th & 10th February 2018 Karachi Pakistan  

"8th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC-2018)”
 26th & Saturday 27th January, 2018  

"9th Internationl Civil Engineering Conference”
 22nd & 23rd December, 2017  

Seminar On
"Half Day Seminar on “Climate Change Threats & Solutions”
 Saturday the 11 November 2017  

Seminar On
"Half Day Workshop on Entrepreneuring for Engineers”
 Saturday the 23rd September, 2017  

Seminar On
"A Look at Pakistan’s Journey in Technology Development Some Thoughts and Recollection”
 Saturday the 26th August, 2017  

Seminar On
"Project Planning and Controls-Way of Good Governance”
 Saturday the 19th August, 2017  

"2 Days Visit to Thar Coal Field ”
 12-13 August, 2017  

Seminar On
"Construction Management”
 Saturday the 5th August, 2017  

Seminar On
"IEP Lifetime Membership Awarding Ceremony for 1st Three Position Holders of all PEC Accredited Programmes of Engineering Universities of Karachi”
 8th JULY, 2017 

"2nd International Electrical Engineering Conference ”
 19 & 20 May, 2017 at Karachi Pakistan 

Seminar On
"Pressing Needs of the Oil Sector”
 Thursday the 18th May, 2017 

Seminar On
 Saturday the 13th May, 2017 from 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Seminar On
"Communication Skills for Engineers”
 Saturday the 22nd April, 2017 from 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Seminar On
"Upcoming Professional Development Events”
 on 8th April 2017

"7th International Mechanical Engineering Congress (SIMEC-2017)”
 on 24 & 25 March, 2017

Seminar On
"Half Day Seminar on “Productivity Improvement Through Kaizen & 5S Process”
 on Saturday the 25th February, 2017

Seminar On
"Emerging Technologies"
 Saturday the 21st January, 2017

 23rd & 24th December, 2016

Seminar On
“Workshop on Personal Excellence through NLP”
  Saturday the 26th November, 2016

Seminar On
"The Art of Thinking out of the Box"
  Saturday the 29th October, 2016

Seminar On
"Half Day Seminar on Thar Coal Project"
  on 20th August, 2016

Seminar On
"International Workshop on Earthquake Engineering"
  on 29th-31st July, 2016

Seminar On
"1st International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management "
  on 4th June, 2016

Seminar On
"Performance Measurement of a Supply Chain & Supply Chain Integration"
 28th May, 2016

Seminar On
"Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation to commemorate the International Earth Day"
  on 13th & 14 May, 2016

"1st International Electrical Engineering Congress"
  on 13th & 14 May, 2016

Seminar On
"Report on Half Day Seminar on “Strengthening & Seismic Retrofitting of RC and Masonry   Structures with FRP and TRM: Behavior and Design"
  on 29 March, 2016

Seminar On
"Leadership and Management for Technical Professionals – Best Practices and Trends"
  on 26 March, 2016

Seminar On
"Half day Seminar to Celebrate International Women Day – Pledge for Parity"
  on 19th March, 2016

Seminar On
"Home Based Employment for Women Engineers - A Panel Discussion"
  14 November, 2015

Seminar On
"Innovations in Construction Materials"
  7 March, 2015

Seminar On
"Defining Roles of Stakeholders in Delivering Road Safety"
  21 February, 2015

Seminar On
"Power System Blackout Avoidance: Technical Measures and Strategies"
  14 February, 2015

Seminar On
"Financial Management for Engineers"
  24th January, 2015

Seminar On
"Empowerment of Women in Engineering Profession"
  17 January, 2015

Seminar On
"Project Management"
  20th December, 2014

Seminar On
"Public Transport"
  29 November, 2014


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